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Buildings I See Too

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Jessie (2013)

Falling asleep slowly

in a mystical land of wonders.


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Buildings I See There

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Buildings I See Here

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The Old Chinese

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Talking to the Walls

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People I See

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Along the Streets

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Urbanscapes 2012

It was the first time I participated in Urbanscapes. Upon the first sight, I saw throngs of energetic and vivacious people scattered across the field.

I had experienced cultural shock for a while, as I met members of the fringe such as hipsters, punks, hoboes, and underground artistes.

I would consider Urbanscapes as an annual festival that celebrates individuality.

Through this event, I realized that music and arts are not just hobbies. Instead, they are the remedies of life.

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Outdoor Photoshooting

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很庆幸能认识你! 初次见面,请多指教。预祝你在年终的A水平考试中顺利过关。我们有缘再见! :)


你好,朋友! 我还真没想到能在泰莱湖滨校园再次遇见你! 真的很高兴。希望你一切如故。



在此,我也预祝你在年终的A水平考试中顺利过关。加油,再见! :)

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Day by Day III

1st July 2012

University of South Australia – 2012 Presentation of Awards Ceremony (Malaysia)

Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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Day by Day II

30th June 2012

High school friends’ gathering.

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Day by Day I

29th June 2012

Farewell lunch with Shi Zun, Yen Yi & Jia Wen.

Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid.

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Photo of the Day

I see you.

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April 13 is indeed a good Friday. :)

Thank you.

p/s: Thanks to Yen Yi for the wonderful photo.

Run For Money

This is probably the most exciting reality game show I have ever seen. :)

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Sweet. Love. Memories.

“Pictures speak a thousand words.”

7th August

Family gathering.




15th August

2011 SPM Chinese Language Seminar.

Do you believe in fate?

I do… when I see you.





20th August

The One Academy’s Creative Art Award 2011.

Managed to capture a few photos during the seminar after the tiring competition.

Met a new friend from SMK Seri Kembangan. Too bad, I have forgotten what was his name.

Sorry, ya.

Anyway, he was sitting next to me during the seminar. And he is an aspiring animator.

Although I did not win any prizes, but still, I have no regrets for joining this event.

Out of 1500 contestants nationwide from the preliminary stage, I feel lucky to be selected as one of the 800 students to enter the final round, because I do not have any Art background or go for any formal Art classes.

It was indeed a great experience.

Lastly, thanks for the moral support from my family! Thank you so much!

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CNY 2011

好久没吃过这麽丰富的晚餐了! 我相信在电脑荧幕前的你,单单看照片就垂涎三尺咯! 呵呵!

Starts drooling? Oh, please don’t. There are more to go. ;D


May the Year of Rabbit brings prosperity and wealthiness to everyone of you! Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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呵呵… …




p/s: 有什麽想与我分享,不妨在我的网志里留言吧!(或许在机缘巧合下,我们将成为志同道合、无话不说的网友呢!〕

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Tamiko’s Sweet 16teen

Event: Tamiko’s Early Birthday Celebration

Venue: Her house

Date: 18th December 2010

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Event: 6M (Class 2006) Gathering

Venue: Gasoline Café @ The Heritage, Mines

Date: 4th December 2010


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Hello everyone, I am back!

Now, I am going to share with you my experience in joining an international ballroom dancing competition for the first time.

A view of Penang Bridge from the bus.

Captured from the entrance of the hotel.


Early in the morning, all the competitors were asked to try out the dance floor inside the Grand Ballroom at the Penang Bayview Hotel.

It was really crowded even though it was only 6.30am in the morning.

I then walked around the space and tried out the floor in different positions. I saw some dancers from other academies rehearsing their steps over there as well. What I noticed was that they had a “fierce” expression on their face, as if they were going to devour other contestants just to win this competition.

With my mom.

“Calling number 345!”

Ready for battle!


The day program has a total of 91 events, and the category I joined was the “Latin Solo Under 16 – Cha Cha & Jive”, which would be Event 72. It was indeed a long wait before my turn. So, I took a short nap when the other events were going on.


There were quite a lot of contestants in my category.

I tried to calm myself down before I entered the dance floor, because I took off my spectacles and I can barely see my surroundings clearly.

Since everyone stepped in the dance floor earlier than me, I had to choose the center-back position. In front of me were the audience, and at the middle row was the videographer from Astro. I kept praying that the judges could see my number from afar. :P

Although I was a bit slow on certain steps, I still manage to catch up with the rhythm of the songs.

I felt relieved after the two dances. “At last, I can rest now!” I shouted at myself.

I was happy even though I did not get to enter the second round, because this is my first attempt and I did gain valuable experience and was able to observe experienced dancers competing on the dance floor.

One thing I can say is that the atmosphere was completely different from watching the competition on the Internet. For instance, you can feel the excitement when the professionals were fighting against each other on the ground. It was actually like having a war on the dance floor.

Not many photos were taken during the competition though, as the security guard did not allow us to do so.

Latin Solo Under 12

Latin Solo Under 16

Latin Solo Open

Billy & Carmen in Latin Amateur Open.

Billy is an alumni of William & Luisa Danceworld while Carmen is my ex-senior. (What a small world!)

Massimo & Lubasha from Russia.

Group pictures after competition.


See the blacken toes on my left leg? This is the result of my dance practices.

Anyway, I wish to join this competition again… probably in a few years time when I am physically healthy. (Yes, I vomited in the next morning.)

I am proud because I danced in front of everybody despite I have a abnormal spine.

Thanks for the support from my family!

I appreciate the guidance from William & Luisa Danceworld.

Thanks to my teacher, Royce Eng and the person in-charge of this Penang Trip, Aunty Merle.

Thank you, Dana Yeoh Synn-Yi and congrats to you!

Congrats to those who made it to the finals!

To those who did not, please do not ever give up and I wish y’all the best in the next competition!

I had a great moment with y’all! See you.

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Two weeks of exams are finally over! Goodbye to school, and say hello to holidays!

Yes, I can have a break now! :D


Event: Jack & Sharon’s Wedding

Venue: Dynasty Dragon Restaurant, IOI Mall Puchong.

Date: 13th November 2010

The groom and bride of the day.

Baby Job.

“Our marriage requires three rings: Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and… Suffer-Ring!” kidded by the groom when having his speech.

The ladies.

Angeline & Julian.

During the tea ceremony.

“I wish to spend my whole life with you, my love.”

“Smile on, baby.”

“Tell me your story! Tell me!”

Group photo after dinner.

Cherish the moment.


Congrats to Wendy & Victor!

And god bless Albert & Pik Ching!

May y’all have a wonderful fairytale with your life partner.

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Let’s see what happened in the past few weeks.

10th August. Morning.

Did some flag colourings and also class decoration for Moral Studies project.

Keat Seng.


Trushal & Tilakh.

Yup, it’s me!

Me & Karlson with our Johor flag.

Pang How. =)

14th August. Afternoon.

Done my spine review with Dr André. After wearing the SpineCor brace together with the physiotherapy and adjustments for two years, the curve is maintained at 40°, which I am kinda pleased to know it. Of course, I would like to thanks those who always give me advices and be by my side, especially my family.

15th August. Evening.

Attended Aunty Luisa’s Surprise Birthday Party at Neway Karaoke Puchong.

Me & Pui Yan

Meets the girls. (From left: Claudia, Hollie & Reanne.)

The guys. (From left: Royce, Stephen & Thomas.)

Cing Cing, Tamiko & my brother.

Huan Ting & Shu Er.

With my teacher, Royce.

(From left: Shu Er, Yoong Jian, Huan Ting, Pui Yan & Jan Hui)

Meet Master William and his family. ;P

Aunty Luisa was touched when she saw the birthday cake.

William & Luisa Danceworld is always the best!

19th August – 24th August. Morning.

Busy week. School’s monthly tests.

27th August. Afternoon – Night.

Joined the Chinese Singing Competition at my school for the first time with my partner, Karlson Chou. Surprisingly, we made it to the finals!

To be frank, I was so surprised to know the results. (We did not expect that we could actually sing so well.) Haha.

Anyway, I’ve completed this portrait today. Ah, fianlly!

Her name is Debbie Goh. She cast in Malaysian Chinese dramas like Age of Glory & Age of Glory 2. Besides, she also owned an Indonesian restaurant called IR: 1968 in Kuala Lumpur. (Near Jalan Ampang.) I impressed with her very much.

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Hey guys, I had attended a ballroom dance party and dinner at the Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. In fact, I really enjoyed the moment with my dance-mates there.

Happy 18th Birthday to William & Luisa Danceworld!

This is me at the entrance.

With Pui Yee. ;)

Friends forever!

(From left: Huan Ting, She Jen, Yoong Jian, Pui Yee & Shu Er)

Gorgeous in the house. :)

(From left: Suzanne, Wendy, Dianne, Tamiko, Pui Yan & Mancy)

Louis and my brother.

Me and Aevent.

With Pui Yan.

The IT girls. ;D

(From left: Agnes, Shu Jen, Shu Er & Huan Ting)

With our teacher, Royce. ;P

With Auntie Merle.

Me and Huan Ting. =)

For more photos, please go to my Facebook profile. :D

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